Monday, March 4, 2013

Adjusting Your Sails

We've all felt it; the wind barreling down on us, directing us with its force. It's powerful and bossy and tries boldly to lead the way. Within the context of See Beautiful, wind serves as a metaphor for pop culture. Pop culture yields its power over society with a multibillion dollar industry. It tries to tell us how to dress, how to look, what we should weigh and how we should act. Pop culture wants to lead the way and in too many scenarios young girls and women let pop culture define their definition of beautiful, when all we really need to do is shift our sails.

How do YOU define beautiful? What do YOU want to wear? What do YOU want to create? How do you want to BE beautiful? You're the captain of your own ship and even when strong winds prevail, all it takes is the courage to make a tiny shift in your own sails (our proverbial perspective) and chart your own course for beautiful. Yes, be the captain. Take a strong hold of those sails. And love the direction YOU take your life on.
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  1. It is true that the wind can be strong and powerful. But always love and beauty will guide you to the place you long to be.

  2. Love this message. Much love


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