Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Perfect Beauty

The below submission comes in two parts: True Beauty and the Beauty in Adoption. Both pieces, along with their pictures, submitted by Pamela Fahs, via our beautiful non-profit the Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence, moved us in so many ways. It is a perfect way to round out our honored feature of their work, as Pamela targets beauty in our world created by children and, because of such, nurtured by adults. It offers hope for a more beautiful world when children capture it so perfectly. It really is a perfect beauty.

True Beauty by Pamela Fahs

As a mommy of four, I am blessed to see true beauty in the most delightful and surprising moments.  So often, my children move me to utter humility and gratitude as I witness their selfless acts of service, which they view merely as natural and fun outpourings of their love and appreciation for others.  Beauty arises in their simple giving.

"On her 8th birthday, our daughter Ava wrote a birthday card to the rest of us!" ~ Pamela
"Big brother carries little brother to bed after a long day." ~ Pamela
"Three of our children plunged into the icy Chesapeake Bay to
raise funds for Special Olympics in honor of their 6-year-old friend
who has Downs Syndrome.  Our fourth child served as photographer for
the day." ~ Pamela

Beauty in Adoption by Pamela Fahs

I see beauty in adoption.  Our daughter Ava is blessed to be part of a small Brownie Girl Scout Troop, just eight girls strong.  Five of these precious ones were adopted from China, and three of them came with special needs.  Watching these girls play together, learn together, craft together, and grow in friendship is beautiful.  But watching these children within their adoptive families -- treasured by their adoptive parents and siblings, cherished in the love of their big families, and nurtured through the treatment, surgeries, and ongoing therapies that accompany their special needs -- is beauty
beyond description. What perfect beauty!

"Naomi, Meghan, Ava, Evy, Autumn, Kya, Joy, and Anna" ~ Pamela

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  1. That's really beautiful... I had some tears in my eyes as I read this wonderful card :o)

  2. The photo of the older brother carrying the younger really tugged at my MOM's heart. Beautiful.

  3. This truly was BEAUTIFUL!...:P


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