Monday, April 15, 2013

Malibu Thomson: Love Ambassador for the Eldery is a Superhero

By day, Malibu Thomson is a Superhero. By night, she's still a superhero. When Malibu was rescued and welcomed into her current home on February 17, 2006, her beautiful owner discovered Malibu's superhero powers: bringing friendship, family, smiles, laughter, peace, and love to residents of nursing homes.

Malibu Thomson: Superhero
Malibu and her owner volunteer their time, visiting residents of nursing homes in hopes of brightening their day with a tail wag or ear rub - removing the feeling of loneliness that sadly, and often, permeates the environment in such places. Malibu sees beautiful in all she comes in contact with - she also creates beautiful with the a quick kiss and snuggle of her body.
Superheros need to be brushed too...
 For almost two years, Malibu has given countless residents reasons to smile. She's prances into rooms to offer a warm body to hug, a face to smile into, and a listening ear for conversation. Sitting on laps, laying on beds, cleaning up any crumbs that might have (oh, no) fallen to the floor, sharing afternoon tea, riding on walkers and showering with kisses are but a few of the Superhero responsibilities Malibu dishes out with MVP style.
See, he really is a superhero!
 Her owner captures this beauty as it comes to life on their facebook page, Malibu Thomson Love Ambassador for the Elderly. Spend five minutes on this site and you'll wish there were more kind souls like these two. They create more beautiful in the world with their wordless presence shared that offers an understanding of unconditional love and acceptance that transcends the need for explanation.

Malibu Thomson sees beautiful.
Malibu Thomson creates beautiful.
Malibu Thomson, and all his superhero traits, are beautiful.

Thank you, Malibu Thomson

Want to get to know Malibu and celebrate in the kindness she's growing around  the world? Yeah you do! 
Connect with them here on FACEBOOK.
See them in action here on YOUTUBE.

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  1. Malibu is a superhero with out a doubt! And yes, that is a most beautiful thing.

  2. Yay! We love Malibu! She's a little rock starr!!


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