Thursday, April 11, 2013

Create Yourself

Each day when we rise we are creating something new. This day has never been experienced before. This moment, right now, brand new. You're creating it. You are unique; this is how you were created. To continue to create yourself it's important that you know and love yourself. Creating comes from our life experiences. It helps to live fully and honestly - from this place you are creating. Whatever you're doing, throw your whole self into it. Why not? We can't know what will happen in advance - we're all treading on the unknown in the next moment. Learn to trust that there is beautiful everywhere and look for it - in yourself and others. When sadness comes, and it will, find the beauty in it too. You are creating your journey - the important thing is to be present in it and embrace the beauty in and surrounding you.
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  1. I just love that each day is new and the thought of what lay ahead and it's possibilities is indeed beautiful of that there is no doubt. I just have to choose to see it and be it.


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