Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Surprises Lead to Seeing Beautiful

It's no surprise here when we say that Goose and his MOM, Michelle, from Gospel of Goose, help us See Beautiful in lots of ways. They're always sharing and creating more beautiful in the world. In the following piece, we have the honor of sharing a See Beautiful surprise that they sent to their friends at Army of Four

The following photos and excerpts are written and beautifully captured by Karen, blogger at Army of Four. We hope you enjoy the beautiful images and kindness she captured in a surprise and seeing just a little more beautiful.
SURPRISE! by Karen at Army of Four

IMG_4380c Cam
"Ooooh... so pretty!!!"

... and a See Beautiful tag just like my brothers have (!) and a See Beautiful bracelet!

Here's a better look at the bracelet:

IMG_2353cps Cam Sees Beautiful

Goose said the bracelet is for my mom; Mom said we can share it.

Here I am with my NEW TAG on!

IMG_2350cps Cam Sees Beautiful

Let's zoom in for a close up!

IMG_2352cps Cam Sees Beautiful
Doesn't it look wonderful?
(Yes, I have another new collar; the other one was pulling my fluffies out, so we switched to this one!)

I think the card and the tag and the bracelet are all so beautiful!  And what makes them so?  The fact that Goose sent them.  Such a sweet, kind gift!
IMG_2351cps Cam Sees Beautiful
"Sigh!  Goose and his MOM are soooooo beautiful!"

Goose, thank you so much to you and your MOM!  This is so special to me and I'll think nothing but beautiful thoughts as I wear it!
We here at See Beautiful are so thankful to Goose for sharing and so thankful to Army of Four for celebrating and seeing beautiful with us. 
Visit Goose HERE.
Visit Army of Four HERE
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  1. Hey I know that beautiful girl! That's my friend Cammie. Nothing me and my MOM like better than sharing beautiful. And the Army of Four share so so much beautiful with all of us that it was only natural that Camo have her very own SB tag.

  2. These two wonderful dog MOMs are my blogging friends. Never met them in person, but feel as though we are almost like sisters. I enjoy seeing their worlds and am so glad they share beautiful with us everyday.

  3. The Army of Four .April 24, 2013 at 9:42 AM

    We love our blogging friends - and we love to see beauty everywhere!

  4. Sweet Beautiful Surprise to a bloggie friend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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