Friday, April 26, 2013

Free Ways to Pay It Forward

Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, “You owe me!” Look what happens with a love like that, it lights up the whole sky. -Hafez

Asking the simple question, "What can I do to create more beautiful in the world?" is a perfect step in a life-changing direction. Paying it forward doesn't have to cost money, take time, or require extra effort that you're already giving in the day. Now, let's not get confused, you most certainly can do amazing things to make a difference in the world - and doing so many cost money, require time and extra effort, but let's be honest, wouldn't you rather live your life creating more beautiful vs suck the beauty out of life. The obvious answer here is emphatically, "of course."

So, here's a quick list of easy-to-do-ideas to pay-it-forward:

  • Place this inspiring invitation for others to see beautiful on a community message board (COST: FREE);
  • Tell a joke to a colleague to make him/her laugh (ex. What did the teddy bear have for dinner? Nothing, he was already stuffed.) (COST: FREE);
  • Write a note to a family member or friend reminding them how special s/he is in your life and why (COST: FREE);
  • Take your leftovers to a neighbor the following night for dinner. Call/text/email them the night before when you notice you'll have enough and ask if you could drop a nice meal by their house the following night (COST: FREE);
  • Pick some flowers from your yard or a field and place them in a vase at your work or on a neighbor's front door (COST: FREE);
  • As you do your spring cleaning, find those articles of clothing you haven't worn in a year and donate them to someone who needs them (COST: FREE);
  • Hold the door open for someone (COST: FREE);
  • Ask someone how they're doing and stop to really listen - show you want to know and care by doing so (COST: FREE);
  • Give a hug. Give a hug. Give a hug. (COST: FREE);
  • Donate blood or plasma (COST: FREE);
  • Place one of these inspiring bookmarks in a book in a bookstore for another to find (COST: FREE);
  •  Leave a kind comment on someone's blog telling the author how much you appreciate his/her words (COST: FREE);
  • Write a kind review for a company who did great work for you (COST: FREE);
  • Give a compliment to another (COST: FREE).
Which will you dive into this weekend? What should we add to our list?

Happy seeing beautiful!
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  1. What a beautiful list. Lets start right now: SB we love love your blog! Your words are always inspiring and yes, it ALWAYS leaves us seeing, feeling, thinking about and sharing Beautiful. We come back time and time again, not only to see new post but to reread old ones. Yep life is much more beautiful when you are a part of our life. :)


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