Monday, April 29, 2013

Take the Finding Beauty Challenge

The following "Finding Beauty Challenge" was created by a former See Beautiful Woman of the Month, Jewel Fries. Reading the whole post about how people find beauty in extraordinary places and ways is important, so check out the full story on her shiny new blog, Rise Like Air.

For the invitation she created, enjoy diving in here:

Today – right now, without thinking too hard, pick someone, or something, or some feeling or event that just IS NOT Beautiful. Pick something that is hard, and miserable and eats at you. Pick something that is scary, that makes you crazy. Something that is like a punch in the stomach, or a burning fire that makes you rage. And then. Take a deep breath.


Allow yourself….

To find the beauty. Find some little spark, no matter how tiny or hidden or disguised…
And tease it out ever so gently.

Warning – it will likely be tough, because every ounce of you will want to see everything that isn’t beautiful about it. You will want to justify and prove that your feelings to date have been correct, obvious, expected, because “that’s just the way it is.”

But it doesn’t have to be…

Actually it isn’t.

Jewel published this "Finding Beauty Challenge" the day of the Boston Marathon bombings. She didn't know how healing an invitation like this could be - because in the midst of such devastation she was right, it was so tough to see beautiful in such sadness, but if we all looked hard enough there was beauty all around. Beauty in the helpers. Beauty in the cameras that helped lead to justice. Beauty in the other explosives not going off. To find beauty - no matter how hidden - can be a challenge, but the more we seek to find it, the more it envelopes our lives.

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  1. This will be difficult but more than worth the effort.

  2. This is a GREAT (as in quantity) challenge.... But doable. Here I go!


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