Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Love to Cling To

The country has had an outpouring of goods and services that are greatly needed in Oklahoma right now, but one group of women in Iowa remembered the equally needed item that often goes forgotten in times of need and distress – the teddy bear.
For the many children who are victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes there is confusion and fear of what has recently happened and what is to happen next. Something familiar to cling to can make all the difference while setting their hearts and minds at ease.

Tyra Swenson and Alissa Dietz started “Operation Teddy Bear” in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and had a calling in their hearts to share their love with the children of Oklahoma. So far they have provided 300 stuffed animals; many with accompanying notes from the people who donated them!

A reminder that love can be shared in more ways than one. Never be afraid to give love in any way your heart calls out, even it reaches just one person - and it's furry and stuffed.

Watch the women create beautiful with their donation of teddy bears:


  1. "Never be afraid to give love in any way your heart calls out". Yes Yes. One of my bloggie friends, Susie and Sidebites felt that calling to the countless animals that were affected and started a drive to help them. It is just amazing the outpouring of green papers and needed supplies that have poured in to them so they can deliver them this Friday. One heart calling of love reaches so many.

  2. Operation Teddy Bear is headed home today. Thank you for your encouragement. We will continue to update our blog in the days ahead.
    You can also see photos of the past few days of relief work at
    God Bless,
    Alissa Dietz


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