Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Creating Beauty in the World - One Child at a Time

The following reflection was written by Karissa Barron, one of four recipients of our See Beautiful Scholarships!

Karissa, today we celebrate you and the way you're seeing beautiful!

by Karissa Barron

Education is very important to me and has been ever since I can remember. I have enjoyed school for many different reasons. School is a place where learning takes place and friendships are made. Not only did I make friends with my peers, but with the teachers as well. They made me passionate about my education- they made me who I am today. I received a gift from my sixth grade teacher when I graduated from high school and I went to my fourth grade teachers viewing when she passed away. These teachers touched my lives and helped me see the beauty in my future. I want to do the same- I want to be a teacher.
I want to teach my students that they are beautiful and their future is bright. I will create beauty in the world by helping students create their dreams. I am passionate about learning how to do this because it is my goal in life. I want to be a teacher. I want to make a difference in children’s lives. I am committed to continuing my education until I reach my goal because so many people believe in me and I believe in myself. I want to make people proud of me and meet their expectations of me. I want to achieve my dreams so I can influence others to do the same.
            My education has prepared me to become a teacher which is a wonderful occupation for creating beauty – beauty in the lives of students, beauty in the teacher, and beauty in the world surrounding them. I will be able to continue my education every day because I will be learning along with my students. My grandfather used to ask me quite often, “What did you teach the teacher?” I see beauty in this question because it shows that students do teach their teachers lessons. I know that I will be a lifelong learner and I am excited to gain knowledge as I teach my students.
            Because of the great experiences I have had throughout my school years, I am the person I am today. Without my teachers’ guidance and support, I would not have dreamt of becoming a teacher. I have had beautiful teachers who have created for me a beautiful life. My teachers have impacted me so much that I want to be just like them. I want to make an impact on others’ lives. I want to be a role model for my students just as my teachers were role models for me. Having the chance to be someone’s role model is a beautiful thing. This doesn’t mean that I want all of my students to be just like me and become a teacher. I want my students to see that I had a goal and because I was committed to my education, I accomplished that goal. I want my students to see how passionate I am about education- my education and their education, in the hopes that they will catch the fever and become excited too.
            I haven’t been a perfect student, but what I have learned is that you can’t be perfect. Making mistakes is a part of learning and that has been a beautiful lesson for me to learn. This is one of the lessons I plan on teaching my students. I want them to learn from the childhood stories that I share with them that mistakes teach you lessons as well. Although I wasn’t perfect, I was successful and students need to understand at a young age that being successful is the beauty in the world of education.
Children truly are our future and we need people who can effectively assist them in becoming the best they can be. This is a beautiful thought – to be able to help children learn their potential and then help them reach it. What is more beautiful than assisting people to build their lives and dreams? By teaching students about who they are and what they can become, I am creating beautiful thoughts in their minds. When children create ideas, they dream. Dreams are a beautiful thing.  
            When a teacher is educated, she/he is able to better educate students. I have learned throughout my school years that each student is different. Knowing this is the beginning of understanding the beauty of teaching. The fact that children are different makes the world a beautiful place. Could you imagine if the world was full of one type of person? The beauty of teaching is that I will meet many different students, all students are beautiful but for different reasons. The diversity in the classrooms creates beauty.
            My education has and will continue to help me create beauty in this world that occasionally loses sight in beautiful things. As I continue to be passionate and committed to my education, I continue to learn beautiful lessons and gain confidence in myself. I want to teach life lessons to my students and create for them a beautiful life. I can’t think of a better way to create beauty in this world than by teaching. I look forward to the day that I walk into my classroom with the lesson plan of creating beauty in this world one child at a time. 

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  1. Hey I know that young woman! And take it from me she is one the most joyful persons I have ever met. Oh yes she is beautiful, creates beautiful and shares beautiful.

  2. We know her!!!!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Ambassadors of Love

  3. Wow..... great role model for her students FOR SURE! Love it when young people are in this world making a difference.


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