Thursday, June 6, 2013

To Change the World

The following reflection was written by Latifah Williams, one of four recipients of our See Beautiful Scholarships!

Latifah, today we celebrate you and the way you're seeing beautiful!

by Latifah Williams

Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  My own education has played a vital role in my life choices especially motivating me to pursue a career in education and gave me the tools to change the world as I know it. Growing up, I was educated in every type of schooling system there is and I have witness firsthand the unequal distribution of educational opportunities. As an educator, my goal is to push students beyond their comfort zones and to their limits to ensure that their best efforts are going into their work. I also want to inspire my students to see beauty in their work and the work of others around them. My teaching philosophy is that all students learn and it is up to educators to prepare students or give them the weapons to make a change in the world, most importantly their own worlds!
Throughout all the Education and Early Childhood courses, through trips to history and arts centers, through the diversity training, and field placements, my goal has been to learn and model the practices of great educators. Through these experiences, I have the opportunity to be surrounded by so many great leaders in education who go above and beyond with issues of education and really take a stand for equal education. While interning with my cooperating teachers, I have learned so many lessons that I will take with me into my teaching career. One that I will always hold close to heart is remembering your purpose as an educator to ensure that all are students learning, no matter adversity you may face including the lack of resources, parent involvement, or administration support.
Within my community, I am involved in several organizations where I have the opportunity to inspire young people to see beautiful. My favorite organization that I am a member of is Big Brothers Big Sisters. Within this organization, I have had the opportunity to serve as a big sister to a 6th grade girl. This experience has been amazing because I have the opportunity to impact her life and be the difference that motivates her to chase her dreams. I am inspiring a young girl that knows she has been written off as a statistic by society, but now believes what she has always been told was impossible for “someone like her” can just as well be a reality. I have been blessed to watch her blossom into a beautiful young lady and watch her chase her dreams now more than ever. Through this experience, I have also learned so much about myself and I feel that through this experience, I have learned so much about myself and to search for greatness in everyone.
Upon graduation, I plan on pursing a position in the Teach for America program. I want to have the opportunity to view education systems outside of Georgia for 2 years. With this experience, I hope to continue to grow as an educator and an equal education advocate. Following this program, I want to continue teaching in the Atlanta area and while pursuing a Master’s in Education Administration. I aspire to become an administrator in a school where I can encourage everyone, students and teachers alike, to be lifelong learners. I feel that I will be doing my small part to make a change in the world by investing in the education of children (or the future) of this country which, in turn, will constantly work to decrease the education gap!
I believe that I will be an excellent candidate of the SEE BEAUTIFUL scholarship because much like the organization, I am dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place by investing my time and efforts into the children, who are the future leaders of the world. I have taken many strides towards personal and professional development by volunteering, studying abroad, and shadowing educational leaders who inspire the next generation of leaders. I feel my experiences and dedication to working to help students see the true beauty within themselves and their work make me a worthy candidate of this scholarship and I believe that I would serve as a great representative for the inaugural SEE BEAUTIFUL scholarship. 

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  1. Love love the confidence Latifah has. So beautiful. The beautiful change she will create is amazing and of her sucess I have no doubt.




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