Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Happiest Day of the Year!

Fancy statistical equation modeling found today, June 21st, to be the happiest day of the year. Whew-whoo! Do you feel happy? We feel happy! And, we think it's a brilliant reason to see beautiful!

Dr. Cliff Arnall, psychologist and life coach from the UK identified today as the happiest day of the year (and who are we to argue with something like that? We'd never deny a happy day in the life of anyone). Arnall has been quoted saying:

“The third Friday in June came out with the highest rating due to peaking happiness factors such as warm summer evenings outdoors, seeing friends more frequently, and excitement about holidays...People shouldn’t be asking ‘How much do I earn?’ but ‘How happy am I?’ The best piece of advice I can give is work less and spend more time with people you love. That will make you happiest.”

We think a question to throw into the mix might be, "How do I see beautiful within and around me?" 

Some ways to do that today:

Well, it's the happiest day of the year so you can (1) share that fun finding with others; (2) look for ways this is the happiest day of the year; (3) make this the happiest day of the year for others; and (4) cheers to the happiest day of the year with friends and family!


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