Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Charge Magazine Sees Beautiful!

CHARGE Magazine
Founders Camille Tisdol (Left) and Christina Bayne (Right).

We're pretty clear about our mission here at See Beautiful to push back at pop culture and the messages that are constantly flooding our lenses that degrade women and disempower all vs. empower all. A new and inspiring online magazine, CHARGE Magazine, is doing it right! Their mission? "Empowering the next generation." Founders, Christina Bayne and Camille Tisdol, started CHARGE Magazine in January of 2013. The online editorial magazine is dedicated to teen girls between the ages of 13-18 (and prime time when self-esteem and self-value are at a heightened risk of declining due to peer pressure and bullying.  Their focus on diversity, inspiration, and encouragement is beautiful! Thank you Charge Magazine for the way you're creating more beautiful in the world!
You can even recommend your very own Charge Woman of the Month - someone who's making a difference in the community!

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  1. Great magazine, thank you for your sharing!


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