Thursday, July 11, 2013

See Beauty In this "Soap"ment

"Rubber ducky, you're the one! You make bath time lots of fun!"

You know what else makes bath time fun? Knowing you're using products that are safe for YOU and the environment! We are so thrilled to share our new all-natural, vegan Mimosa soap that has us seeing so much beautiful (in this moment and beyond)!

Our luscious eco-friendly, all natural soap is exclusively made for See Beautiful by the Brown Bag Soap Company. After spending time getting to know See Beautiful's philosophy, Head Soap Maker, Hannah, designed for us an incredible Mimosa soap. It smells as good as it reads! The benefits of this all natural, vegan soap are extensive and varied. The three main ingredients of orange essential oil, honey and Champagne, infused into one beautiful bar, have much to offer:

Orange benefits: Orange essential oils are a natural anti-inflammatory, and can increase the production of natural collagen in your skin. It's great for acne and mature skin.

Honey benefits: Honey contains sugars that naturally exfoliate the skin to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes leaving your skin smooth and even in tone. Daily use not only minimizes the appearance of blemishes, but also prevents the recurrence of acne lesions, the cause of skin blemishes.

Champagne benefits: Champagne is filled with anti-oxidants that are great for your skin.

See beautiful with our all natural, vegan soap; it SMELLS great on you!

Ingredients: Champagne, Saponified oils of Coconut, Olive, Sustainable Palm, Shea Butter, Orange essential oil, and Honey.

Want some? Check it out: 

Shall we hop around in seeing (and smelling beautiful)? Let's do it!


  1. OOH! I am definitely going to have to do some shopping!! xo Jeanne

  2. katherine dutcherJuly 12, 2013 at 3:33 AM

    looks like a really nice soap, i can tell it must smell great
    urban hounds-the old fashioned way

  3. Not only is this beautiful but it sure sounds like it would taste yummy. MOM says I can't eat it. But I say anything with honey is a beautifully yummy thing.

  4. Mmm, that soap sounds luxurious. Nice that it's vegan too.

  5. We walk every morning at Crabtree Valley Mall...there is a shop there named Lush...they have
    the most fragrant homemade natural soaps. I love all the colors too

  6. KB - RompRollRockiesJuly 12, 2013 at 7:37 PM

    That soap sounds incredible!


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