Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Perfectly Imperfect

Ever find yourself feeling bad because you didn't perform as well as others thought you should? Didn't cross everything off your never-ending to-do list? Not an all “A” student? Burned the supper? Arrived late even though you left early? Sometimes society makes you feel like you are imperfect because you slip. Sure, you may have a few bad days, weeks, months, heck even years, but the thing is, as long as you are true to who you are and continue to reach for your goals, your imperfection is perfect!  

See Beautiful and BeYOUtiful! 
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  1. "imperfections" make life interesting. and yea, that is beautiful. cuz we are beautiful, and everyone has those imperfections as there ya go, imperfection=beautiful.

  2. If all things would be perfect, we would live in a boring world :o)


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