Thursday, September 12, 2013

Seeing Beauty In this Moment: Hopping and Celebrating

Today, as bloggers hop along to our blog hop, we're also celebrating our See Beautiful Woman of the month: Jessica Thompson!

Jessica Thompson is beautiful. She gives as a natural extension of herself and she is constantly looking for ways to celebrate what she (and the rest of humanity) HAVE. You see, her focus is clearly set on seeing beautiful. After a devastating car accident in 2006, Jessica had the odds stacked against her. It seemed, she could have sat back, taken the dreary outlook from doctors and the final word, and focus on all she'd lost. Instead, she shifted gears, and it's been inspiring and changing lives ever since. It is an honor to celebrate Jessica Thompson as our See Beautiful woman of the month, for she helps us all adjust our focus on seeing so much beautiful that we already carry in ourselves!

See Beautiful Woman of the Month: JESSICA THOMPSON

PART I: Written by Jessica Thompson
I was in a horrific car accident on June 29, 2006 that drastically changed my life (see the story HERE). Since launching the video, I have had the surgery and can now give you "a two armed hug."  I'm using social media to celebrate "What I do Have" in hopes it allows others to "SEE" and celebrate all they have as well! I believe that beauty is created by embracing our true selves and this includes, most importantly, our imperfections. Amazing things happen when your focus is on What You DO have and how you can use it. Albert Einstein said, "A life lived for others is the only one worth living." Using my experiences and helping people is what makes me happy, I just can't help it.
Jessica Thompson. Image shared with permission.
PART II: Written by Jessica Thompson
This picture was taken August 8, 2013. I am holding little Tripp Halsted, a two year old who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury on October 29, 2012. Tripp was outside at his preschool in Athens when he was injured by a falling tree limb, caused by the winds from Hurricane Sandy. He came to Atlanta for treatment. My Aunt, hearing this, contacted me thinking I could offer hope to the family. I prayed about it and decided to wait for the right timing.... of course I didn't know when that would be, I just knew the timing wasn't right yet. Two weeks later, I met a girl at church and we went to a nearby coffee shop to chat. For privacy purposes we'll just say her name is Ellen Degeneres. Ellen was real sweet, but sadly caught up in guy issues that were really bringing her spirit down (I See Beautiful in humor too;). Her focus was all wrong, she had so much and couldn't even see. Then the idea hit me and I'm pretty sure I interrupted her mid-sentence. I asked her to go visit a friend at the hospital with me and explained his story...

Halfway there, knowing we were too far for her to turn back, I told her that I actually had never met him. :) She looked confused. I smiled with confidence and she decided visiting Tripp was still a good idea. As I shared my story with Bill and Stacy (Tripp's parents), Ellen became "overwhelmed with hope" and passed out. She hit the floor hard and looked up at as laughing with a bloody lip. The room was filled with laughter for 10 minutes, Bill and Stacy said it was a much needed laugh. After we left, 11 Alive News payed Tripp a visit, Tripp Gets a Special Visitor.

So that's how we first met and we've been friends ever since.

This picture represents everything beautiful to me. Tripp Halstead has over 800,000 people following his story on Facebook. It is so cool that I get to be a part of his beautiful story. The world is watching and he's going to exceed all expectations. On June 29, 2006 my life changed forever, and when I look at this picture I am SO glad it did.

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  1. Wow, what a great story. A beautiful and caring woman.

  2. What a beautiful and inspiring story. It is so precious for her to share her amazing story and give others hope. Hope is a blessing that sometimes you don't realize the full impact of until later, after the storm has passed. Regardless of how things turn out, the hope is what gets you through. Keep spreading hope, Jessica!

  3. What an amazing an inspirational story by Jessica....
    Thank you for honoring her this month.
    Hugs Madi and Mom
    we loved your picture with Sugar...your 'furs' are nearly the same color.

  4. Jessica's life is an inspiration for us all. Thank you for sharing it!

  5. Golden Thanks for sharing a beautiful inspiring story. As always Golden Happy to See Beautiful. Lots of Golden LOVE, Sugar n mom Rosalyn

  6. So many simple things are beautiful and See Beautiful helps me stop and find them


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