Friday, October 4, 2013

Pay It Forward with the Cadman Family

Meet the Cadman Family!
We're spicing things up in an awesome way here at See Beautiful. We've selected an amazing "See Beautiful Family" to support through their adoption process and YOU can be a part! Here's the deal: 1) The Cadman Family (read about their awesomeness below) is adopting a child from Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). 2) We want to support them and help alleviate the financial burden.

Here's how YOU can be a part of bringing their child home: 
      1) Buy a See Beautiful bracelet;
     2) IMPORTANT: During the check out process write "For the Cadman Family"
     3) You'll receive a See Beautiful bracelet that we'll personally stamp "DRC" in the cuff of. It's a wonderful reminder that there is so much beautiful in the DRC and adoption. It can also serve as a perfect reminder for us all to see beautiful, knowing you helped support a family bring their child home.

WHAT WE DO: We'll donate $10 out of every $15 bracelet sale to the family to help fund their adoption! Whew-whoo!

So, if you’re willing to spend a few dollars to help the Cadman Family see beautiful (and receive a beautiful reminder of your giving too), please visit our PRODUCTS page and remember to tell them you bought a bracelet for the “CADMAN FAMILY” in the “special instructions” section at check out.

Thank you all for supporting the Cadman Family through this adoption process.
The Cadman Family. Photo used with permission.
By Amanda Cadman:

My husband, Michael and I (Amanda) have adopted 3 children. Our daughter from Ethiopia came home in 2010 and our son and daughter from China came home in 2012. We are currently in the process of adopting two boys from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and we are beyond excited to bring them home!

Adoption is an absolutely beautiful picture of God’s redeeming love for mankind, and when He called us to play a role in the gift of adoption; our hearts were radically and forever changed. We began to see beautiful in ways we would have never experienced had we not stepped out in faith and trust God, trusting that He could make beauty from ashes, hope from the hopeless, and joy from mourning.

Each of our children we have brought home has not only had their lives radically changed, but they have changed our lives radically and in really special ways! The common comment many adoptive families experience is “That child is so lucky to have you!” And our reply is always, “No, we are blessed to have them!!” We have watched our children blossom into secure, trusting, joyful, loving, and fun little people
While we will never ignore the heart ache, sacrifice, suffering and pain that are the truth behind every need for a child to be adopted, we rejoice that God gives us eyes to see beautiful, to see healing in hearts, smiles on faces, and laughter filling the house…these are the ways that we daily get to see beautiful.

 Now, we anxiously await, with hope and joy, the arrival of our two boys from the DR Congo. And remember, these sweet children are not the ‘lucky’ ones, we, who get to be their momma and daddy are the blessed ones!

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL family and of course it goes with out say See Beautiful is once again doing beautiful things for others. Now who wouldn't want to get in on this.


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