Friday, November 22, 2013

Georgia State University's Early Childhood Education Department Sees Beautiful

Faculty, staff and students of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Department at Georgia State University (GSU) deemed October "See Beautiful Month." They invited people to share how they saw beautiful in the world - and see beautiful they did!

Filling jars with their words, they saw beautiful to the brim - in fact, our jars overfloweth! 

Responding to the question, "How do YOU see beautiful?" they left us completely inspired.

 Some of the myriad ways the amazing people of the ECE Department at GSU are seeing beautiful: 
  • "I see beauty in friendships that come from working toward the common good of teaching children."
  • "I see beautiful in students who may struggle but still have the desire to push through and want to learn."
  • "I see beautiful in...the world! The melting pot of cultures. I see beautiful in hearing the many different languages that make up our nation, simply by walking down the hallway. I see beautiful in all mothers...the courage that they have. I see beautiful everywhere."
  • "I see beautiful in colleagues who stick together and support one another in order to succeed."
  • "I see beautiful in the face of a caring friend and in the voices of uplifted prayers."
  • "I see beautiful in the face of my sleeping child. In the face of the student who has not given up. In you."
  • I see beautiful in love, passion, and all things positive! I see it in curiosity, wonders, and insight. I see beautiful in YOU!!!!"
  • "I see beautiful in the clear blue sky, in the different fluffy white clouds floating across the sky, in the bright morning rays of sunlight shining through the tress creating various colors."
  • "I see beautiful within peoples' eyes."
  • "I see beautiful in smiles and laughter." 
  • "I see beautiful in each one of my students. The excitement in their eyes and voice when they come in the door, the questions they fave, and the differences they bring into the classroom. I see beautiful."
  • "I see beautiful in children who persevere."
  • "I see beautiful in unplanned pregnancies. Life is sacred and there will always be someone to love and nurture a child if given the opportunity." 
  • "I see beautiful when it takes me days to write one lesson because I want it to be revelant, fund and also challenging."
  • "What I see as beautiful is when my critters are playing nicely together or cuddling together."
  • "I see beautiful in God."
  • "Beauty can be seen from many angles, but it should be defined as what we are and how we interact with the world around us. Taking the time to notice the importance of every day moments and see the beauty in them."
  • "What I think is beautiful are tight hugs from a caring friend, thoughtful prayers for a heavy heart and the soundof my name spoken in kindness."
  • "Democracy. Free speech/religion. Ability to dream. Ability to love whoever."
  • "I see beautiful when people work TOGETHER to solve problems!"
  • "I see beautiful in all the people walking the streets of Atlanta. How diverse Atlanta is and how far we have come as a society..."
  • "I see beautiful in the diversity of my GSU Block III cohort! It's a beautiful sight, to see diverse individuals collaborate and work towards the bigger goal of educating the future of America."
  • "to be forgiving and understanding."
  • "I see beauty in the innocence of a child."
As we read through these comments (and many, many more in the jars) the people of ECE department emulate all things beautiful. Without even knowing it, each comment exemplifies what See Beautiful stands for and aims to do in the world: 1) Honor the way each individual sees beautiful in themselves and the world, 2) celebrate it, and 3) create more of it. What a gift to know that the amazing people of GSU's ECE family are constantly seeing and striving to grow more beautiful in the world.

To my ECE family, thank you for the way you help so many see beautiful. 

To learn more about the Early Childhood Education Department at Georgia State University and their amazing programs, visit HERE
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  1. WOW Amazingly beautiful.

  2. This is so beautiful and such an example of the energy and empowering force of celebrating see you beautiful.


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