Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Newest Product: Earth-Tone See Beautiful Koozie

Our eco-friendly See Beautiful™ koozies are HANDMADE by the beautiful Mimi of Mimi Hooks!  Mimi is an incredible woman who hand crochets our koozies using refurbished acrylic yarn from thrift shops.  The koozie "hugs" both cans and bottles (even baby bottles) snugly. If you were thinking about buying our eco-friendly See Beautiful water bottles, the koozies are a perfect compliment. With each koozie being handmade, you're sure to see beautiful in the most thirst-quenching of ways. We do!

Because Mimi uses the acrylic yarn she has on hand, our koozies will often rotate in color. The acrylic yarn is also animal-friendly and non-scratchy. If you're loving this design, grab it now because once it sells out there's won't be another koozie like it again.

Note: Beverage not included. Sorry. We were bummed we couldn't ship it to you also.

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  1. You know we love ours!! And so do all the people we have given them to.



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