Monday, December 9, 2013

See Beautiful Film of the Month: Sound of Tears

Sound of Tears - A Short Canadian Film about Honor Based Violence

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Sound of Tears is a powerful film that will have a strong impact on the lives of  women world-wide. It will shine a strong and powerful spotlight on the subject of honor crimes, a despicable practice whereby family members who feel their honor has been besmirched punish those, usually women, who have dared to do things that range from marrying the wrong man to refusing to wear traditional garb. The punishment is often murder.

The story, written by actress and director Dorothy A. Atabong is powerful and moving and is one no viewer will ever forget. This film will be shown at film festivals, on television and will be available in libraries and schools, hopefully all around the world. Women everywhere will gain knowledge of this practice, will engage in dialogue and will hopefully act to put a stop to these crimes.

Sound of Tears requires funds for its post production processes. Women can open the eyes of the world with their donations to this ground breaking film.


  1. Sad that this film and other stories like it even have to exist. Thank you for bringing this film to our attention.

  2. Perhaps bringing the travesty to the forefront will give cause for annihilating such practices...:)JP


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