Wednesday, December 11, 2013

See Beautiful's Newest Product: "Drawing Bracelets" to Support the Democratic Republic of the Congo!

See Beautiful "Drawing" Bracelet supporting the New Hope Center in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo ~ $15.00*

Bead Colors
See Beautiful is incredibly honored to offer these one-of-a-kind "drawing" bracelets, made by children who receive support from the New Hope Center for Grieving Children in the DRC.

These incredible bracelets are drawings from children who receive support from the New Hope Center. Their drawings (if they so wish) are then cut up and rolled into beads! The children have the freedom to decide to cut up drawings of their choice and make them into bracelets. The pictures they draw contain images of them letting go of sadness, while beautifully capturing their hopes and wishes for the future - their own seeing beautiful! Each bracelet comes with an insert explaining the New Hope Center and is signed by the child who's drawings you get to wear as a reminder to see beautiful - in yourself - and the amazing children and families around the world who live with resiliency, love, and commitment to making this world a more beautiful place!

*****$12 of every $15 bracelet purchase is donated directly back to the New Hope Center for Grieving Children which is added to a scholarship fund for the children and to provide micro-loans to their families to start new businesses! The $3 we keep is put toward covering our administrative costs and taxes.****

The New Hope Center is incredible in their support for the children and families in Goma. The people working in the New Hope Center empower the families and children by focusing on their strengths and interests and celebrating those individually and collaboratively!

  • Learn more about the New Hope Center for Greiving Children HERE.
  • Want to go ahead and make a donation directly to them? Well, that's just beautiful. Here's where you can do so: DONATE


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