Thursday, March 13, 2014

When Small Hearts Make Ours Expand...Something to Hop to

When 5th grade students celebrate their orchestration of a book drive collecting 2,364 children's books for St. Anne's Center Homeless Shelter by making bracelets with beads from children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who turn their drawings into beads to sell and raise tuition money for access to school it leaves a giant heartswell of seeing beautiful in its wake.

Congratulations to the students at Cheatham Elementary School for leading a charge full of giving and grace. And thank you to the children's faces I'll likely never see in the DR Congo who gave their drawings selflessly to raise their own money to attend school.

Today, we are overwhelmed with seeing beautiful in those smaller than us with hearts that make ours expand. Thank you.

We look forward to reading about the See Beautiful stories our fellow blog hoppers are sharing as well! As always, thanks for seeing beautiful with us!
See Beautiful 3/14


  1. All the books, all the kids, the bracelets WOW, it is all just so beautiful. BEAUTIFUL I tell you.

  2. That's wonderful and Beautiful deed to do at a young age.Golden Happy for them and especially to St. Anne's. Happy Seeing Beauty and Golden LOVE

  3. that's wonderful :)

  4. That is a fantastic story! How wonderful for everyone involved in that.

  5. that was a wonderful idea and the bracelets are really beautiful

  6. What a fun way for children to help other children!! Can grown up kids help in any way!
    Belly Rubs to Sugar!
    Kathy and Molly the Golden

  7. Beautiful to see young people respecting others!...:)JP

  8. A beautiful story for sure!! We need more beauty in this world!! xo Jeanne and the girlz!

  9. Young people give me hope. So giving, generous, loving. Thank you for featuring them.


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