Tuesday, July 15, 2014

They Do.

Something chill-giving, tear-causing, heart-warming, and love-growing happens at every wedding I've ever attended. The moment that two people decide to give their lives to another in such a special way is such a gift. It will come as no shocker that I believe weddings are chocked full of "see beautiful" moments.

When I learned about what two beautiful women (who I happen to get to call family) did at their wedding to grow more beautiful in the world the chill-giving, tear-causing, heart-warming, love-growing emotions were at full throttle.

The night before their wedding, Alicia and Morgan joined with family and close friends and asked them to complete a seemingly simply task. They handed out paper and pens and asked those closest to them to write down a positive message to share with the world (essentially, their "see beautifuls"). Without explaining how they were going to use these special comments, they collected the paper and went on with a celebratory evening.

Fast-forward to their wedding the next day. During the ceremony, Morgan and Alicia revealed a See Beautiful bottle to those on their "wedding vessel" (Yes, it was really a ship. Yes, they're that cool.). The See Beautiful bottle was full of these hopes for the world that family and friend's had written the evening prior. As the Captain explained to family and friends that these messages of hope would be released and shared in the world, Alicia and Morgan tossed the bottle into the water. There See Beautiful floats for just the right person to find the bottle and be filled with hopes for spreading more beautiful in the world.  Hope floats, right? In this case, it does. On the heels of a wedding, in the celebration of love, and within the world, hope really does float. It leaves you seeing, well, beautiful. Right?

The fact that See Beautiful was (literally) incorporated into their wedding was a gift. The way people have translated "see beautiful" over the past couple years is incredibly inspiring. It is beautiful to see how people live it and make it their own. It is my hope that every day be filled with much beautiful for this amazingly giving, loving, couple.

Ahoy, Matey!! You can even watch the See Beautiful bottle floating with hope and waiting to spread beautiful!

Will they see beautiful? They do.
Will they grow more beautiful in the world? They will.

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  1. How AWESOME! I use mine to hold fresh picked flowers from my garden!!!!...:)JP


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