Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just Keep Giving (To Adoptive Families)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and GIVING THANKS and GIVING, we're showcasing our amazing See Beautiful Giving Initiatives throughout the week. We donate $5 from every $15 See Beautiful Aluminum Cuff purchase to the See Beautiful Giving Feature of your choice. When they reach their goal, we send them a check. It's that simple (and beautiful)!

Fund one of our See Beautiful ADOPTIVE FAMILY Initiatives (select CODE of the ADOPTIVE FAMILY you wish to support from the dropdown box):

See Beautiful with the HILL FAMILY (select HILL FAMILY from the dropdown box)*

When we first learned about Bella from her Mom, Stephanie, we knew we were all in to do everything we could to support this family. The way Stephanie and Bella see and create beautiful is stunning and this Mommy's words show why they're an amazing family to support:

"I am currently in the process of adopting a beautiful girl with special needs from Congo. She has legally been my daughter since April of 2013 but as of right now she is STUCK. I had a doctor evaluate her a couple months ago and he determined that she is 100% deaf, is partially paralyzed in her lower limbs and shows signs of cerebral palsy. She will turn 3 in December.

I will use the fund for the mounting costs of her being STUCK in DRC. She is currently in foster care and that costs me monthly. All of the paperwork I have filed is now expiring so I will have to pay all of those fees again. Plus she is going to have medical bills because we need to start treating her condition the best that we can while she is in DRC.

My daughter's name is Bella. Bella means beautiful. It would be such an amazing thing to see so many people with See Beautiful bracelets on showing their support for not only my adoption but for others as well."

Let's show BELLA and the HILL FAMILY how they make us see beautiful!

How Your Purchase Helps: $5 from every See Beautiful Aluminum cuff sale is donated to the Hill Family to support adoption and medical care costs.

See Beautiful with an ADOPTION SCHOLARSHIP for a beautiful Adoptive Family (select ADAIR FAMILY from the dropdown box):

Picture We received an incredible email from an adoptive parent in our See Beautiful community. The Adair family is in the beginning stages of their adoption process and wishes to keep their adoption journey semi-private right now. Anyone who knows anything about adoption journeys understands that privacy is important for many reasons. That said, if there's anything See Beautiful can do to support an adoptive family and alleviate some of the financial toll of adoption, we're ALL OVER IT!

The Adair Family writes, "
I believe the whole essence of See Beautiful is encompassed in the adoption process. We all know how emotionally draining the process is, how desperately the children need homes, and the pure beauty, joy, and love that is each child. By supporting those who have decided to adopt, See Beautiful would be directly responsible for showing other adoptive parents the importance of investing in the future of others."

And we are all in. We cannot wait to support the Adair family and so many others as they grow their family with love and beauty.

How Your Purchase Helps: $5 from every See Beautiful Aluminum cuff sale is donated to an Adoption Scholarship for this family to help support financial costs of their adoption.


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