Monday, November 24, 2014

Just Keep Giving (to Teachers & Schools)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and GIVING THANKS and GIVING, we're showcasing our amazing See Beautiful Giving Initiatives throughout the week. We donate $5 from every $15 See Beautiful Aluminum Cuff purchase to the See Beautiful Giving Feature of your choice. When they reach their goal, we send them a check. It's that simple (and beautiful)!

Fund one of our See Beautiful TEACHER Initiatives (enter the CODE of the Teacher(s) you wish to support at checkout):

Ms. Wampler See Beautiful Giving Initiative (select Ms Wampler Rocks in the dropdown box):
I had the honor of teaching and getting to know Ashley Wampler. She is an incredibly dedicated teacher and her children are certainly lucky to have her! Upon reading her application, we were giddy to share this initiative for her students!

When you purchase a See Beautiful bracelet for Ms. Wampler's class you'll allow her to purchase 6 sensory ball chairs to use at her guided reading table. Why? Ms. Wampler writes, "I want my students to be excited about reading, and I think that having the sensory chairs will help with their kindergarten "wiggles" while still allowing them to focus on their text."

And that's a stock photo. These aren't Ms. Wampler's students, but let's change that. Let's help her kiddos be the ones rocking their wiggles out while reading.

How Your Purchase Helps: $5 from every See Beautiful Aluminum cuff sale is donated to classroom teacher, Ms. Wampler, to purchase sensory ball chairs!

Mrs. Scheivelhud's See Beautiful Giving Initiative (select Mrs. Scheivelhud Rocks in the dropdown box):
Children who get to learn from Mrs. Scheivelhud are in for a treat! She is an incredibly dedicated teacher who thinks outside the box to get her students thinking outside the box. She works tirelessly to ensure her students have incredible learning opportunities and we were thrilled to receive her See Beautiful application and support Mrs. Scheivelhud!

Mrs. Scheivelhud writes, "I am a first grade teacher in a Title I School. I love teaching reading, and I want my children to love reading as much as I do. I currently have some old Ottomans in my classroom (3 to be exact) and 23 students. I would love to have a variety of comfortable seating for my Daily 5 Reading Program I am launching. The children could explore high interest picture books and leveled books while sitting on their highly coveted chairs. (Those 3 old ottomans are hot items in the classroom right now- imagine if we had more!!) I would also like to build up my little library with more books they could enjoy. " Being that I'm a former literacy professor I'll stop at nothing to make sure we reach this goal for April - every child deserves a comfy place to unwind and a good book to do so with!

Getting even more beautiful, Mrs. Scheivelhud writes, "I believe in the mission of See Beautiful for all people to see the beautiful inside of themselves and around the world. I believe that if the kids new our classroom was being built up because of their awesomeness, then that would build up their self-confidence. I believe that school should be a safe place for children to explore the world through books and other means. What better organization is there to aid the funding of a mission where there are so many stakeholders involved?"

How Your Purchase Helps: $5 from every See Beautiful Aluminum cuff sale is donated to classroom teacher, Mrs. Scheivelhud, to purchase sensory ottomans and children's books for her students!


Picture Help Cheatham Hill Elementary School TARGET students see and create more beautiful! Cheatham Hill Elementary School needs help funding students travel to, and accommodations at, Driftwood Education Center on St. Simons Island. Every year students take a trip to Cumberland Island, studying eco-systems, testing waters for alkaline levels, problem solving eco-system sustainability for future generations, learning about natural living environments of feral horses, dolphins, and sea turtles, and building community. The students are actively engaged in seeing beautiful in nature and sustainability, while creating more beautiful through their collaborative problem solving and critical thinking about ways to leave the world a better place for future visitors.

How Your Purchase Helps: $5 from every See Beautiful Aluminum cuff sale is donated to Cheatham Hill Elementary Target Program for this field trip and additional service learning experiences and supplies.




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