Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Give the Gift of Water

You can help create beautiful by bringing clean running water to a School village in the rural area of Loitokitok, Kenya and help empower young girls who spend 6 hours per day walking to fetch water.  Currently, children must leave school to fetch water during the school day and also fill buckets for their home life. The young girls are walking to a dangerous water tank and climbing the tank to capture the water. The tank top is covered with rusty metal  (see photo to the below) and children are leaning over this to get to the water.

Hygiene and sanitation cannot  currently be practiced at the school; the rest rooms are not hooked up because of lack of water. The sinks are not in use because there is no running water. Six hours per day are spent collecting water.

How Global is working to bring clean water direct  to the school  grounds  to 300 school children and surrounding community members by  installing   a solar pump and holding tanks along with setting up a hand washing station.

Once the pump is installed, there will need to be holding tanks put into place. The tanks will need to be placed up high to create pressure and water will be pumped into the tanks and a faucet included so that the children can have water that pours safely into their buckets. The pipes will then be extended to the rest rooms, showers and sinks in the property and the flowing water will then be tested and approved by the health department.
How Your Purchase Helps: $5 from every one of our Giving Products will be donated to How Global when you select this organization from the dropdown box. Get to shopping and give the gift of clean water HERE.


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