Friday, September 25, 2015

I Fell Off the Wagon...

...the Blogging Wagon, that is. It is really easy, too easy really, to get sucked into the quick-picture-sharing of social media and pretend that the words that back up the images you've created don't matter.

Your. Words. Matter.

A lot has been happening with See Beautiful lately and while I am living it, I can't expect others to grasp this daily life and the long term goals without sharing it. So, I didn't really fall off the wagon, I stepped off of it and into the grass and dug into creating beautiful. Here's some of what we're doing, and how you can join us, to create beautiful as part of our community:

In a few weeks, See Beautiful will come to you from Africa. We're headed overseas with Kula Project to do some pretty incredible things; what's even more thrilling is that you can be a part of this journey. You can help send children to school and improve play therapy for children at the New Hope Center in Eastern Congo, provide coffee trees for 48 women in Rwanda, and while I'm away, you can do something spectacular in your own backyard by providing 250 diapers to a family in needs all with the swipe of a few keys on your keyboard. 

There is no shortage of beautiful in this world, but there is infinite beauty still left to create. Thank you for all you do to make See Beautiful such an incredible Community of people connected by a common thread to make this world a better place. 
GOMA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: The New Hope Center, with whom we've worked for the past three years, is in need of new/gently used soccer balls for their play therapy with children. If you'd like to donate a soccer ball for us to hand-deliver, please let us know! 
Additionally, we send and keep 53 children in school each month. To send a child to school, simply purchase any of our products benefiting the "New Hope" Collection. You receive a beautiful product, children receive new hope. 
KAYONZA, RWANDA: We are so proud to support Kula Project in raising $3,000 to provide (get ready for this beautiful) 1,000 coffee trees for 48 women to create sustainable income to provide an education for their children.
The female farmers have named their group, "Fight to Live." They are creating beautiful every day and you can provide them with the very coffee trees that will keep their fight alive. Shop our "Fight to Live" Collection and provide the very coffee trees we get to plant alongside these 48 beautiful women in October. 
ATLANTA, GEORGIA: One in 3 parents must choose between purchasing food or diapers for their family. Our new See Beautiful Giving Initiative to bring a truckload of diapers (literally, a GIANT truckload with 300,000 diapers) is special because we have partnered with an incredible non-profit, Helping Mamas, that is supporting families in need, right here in our home-state of Georgia. 
With every purchase of our special edition "Stronger Together" bracelet (or any of our products where you select "Helping Mamas") you will provide a family with a YEARLONG supply of diapers (250 diapers)! 

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  1. So many causes, so many rewards. Thank you for your sharing of love and life saving ventures.
    Love, JC


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