Monday, September 28, 2015

We Love Rebels

There are three guiding components of See Beautiful:

1. See Beautiful in yourself.
2. See Beautiful in others.
3. Create more beautiful in the world.
We believe that this starts with you - and the value you place on your self-worth. To be able to see beautiful in others, and create more beautiful in the world, you have to begin by seeing beautiful in yourself. When you do this, you take a step forward. You actually help fight the battle against societies push to profit from your self-doubt.
Once you tap into the beautiful rebel in you, you cannot help but want to bring out the rebel in others and there is a desperate need for more of that "we rise by lifting others" spirit in our world. We rise, we move forward, and alas, we create more beautiful together. 

I love this quote by Rupi Kaur, because it captures the power of the resounding connecting between seeing beautiful and creating beautiful. It comes from staring at ourselves and those around us and as we recognize this incredible resiliency and the beauty from others, we move forward - we create beautiful. We can do a little alone - surely you can do your part, but oh, striking one, how much more we can do together as well. 

Thank you for being part of this See Beautiful Community. 


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