Monday, November 9, 2015

Change the Way You See

Today, we invite you to change the way you see. Look at the things that seem most familiar until they become unfamiliar again. Allow the unfamiliar to become new again. We wrestle with pop culture telling us to see differently. We wrestle to identify grace and beauty and good and hope. Let gratitude start to soak back into your soul. Open your eyes to the magnitude of the gifts around you.

I get it, you know. I understand that I see what I focus on and what I focus on becomes the life I experience. I fail sometimes. But you see, the beauty is here every day. Every. Day. Joy and grace and beautiful pulse through every moment, begging us to be welcomed into our lives.

When we create this space to focus and then embrace the beautiful, it grows more space for thanks. When this cycle continues, hinged upon this triad of joy and giving and thanks there is so much beautiful. Stay present in this. It is the only way to really see. See this material world that we are constantly bombarded by stripped away to reveal the incredible parts of life that make living such a gift


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Thank you for sharing your thoughts & helping others see beautiful too!