Monday, December 14, 2015

The Best Christmas Gift

BENE UPDATE (and perhaps the most beautiful post we've shared since his last)...
This is the email from the Founder of the New Hope Center in Goma, DRC where we send 53 children to school every month through your support. Remember, Bene stopped speaking at the age of 3 after witnessing his Uncle's murder. While in Congo a few months ago I had the opportunity to meet with Bene and offer some tools and support to Bene, his Mom, teacher, and the director of the school. Bene didn't speak while we met, but check this out:
"Bene TALKS TO EVERYBODY now. He started to talk 2-3 weeks after your visit. This is the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT this year...Bene has had this problem for 4 yrs and being held back in school but next year he moves up to second grade without a problem..."
Bene's voice really is the best Christmas gift. Happy seeing beautiful.


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