Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bringing the Silenced A Voice

Are you?" ~ Nathan Johnson, Mavuno

See Beautiful is listening. We stand with our friends at Mavuno as we mourn the loss of innocent lives in Beni, DRC. These are people who are so important to See Beautiful. Human rights are for everyone. Every. Single. Person. Everyone has great worth. Let's show that with love.
If you haven't heard about Beni and the repeated tragic loss of life you're not alone. In fact, if you google "Beni" the majority of hits on the first page are about a town in Bolivia, a Japanese cuisine, or a church in California. The fact that you can't read about a terrorist attack claiming the lives of at least 64 (and the number is still rising) with the use of a machete is evidence of the blanket the media has placed on the Eastern Congo. We must start talking. We must be a voice for those who are silenced - for those who devastatingly lost their lives. We must act from a place of love and we must honor the fact that every person has great worth. 
This article, The Difference between Beni and Brussels, written by Nathan Johnson, Mavuno's VP of Communications, does an excellent job providing historical and current insight into the injustice suffered by thousands. Please read it. Please share it. Please talk about it. Please keep googling. Please pray, love, and hope. Please don't feel helpless. We can all do something - and billions of little somethings aren't insignificant. They can bring about change. And change is necessary. 
Thank you, Mavuno, for leading with love.


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