Monday, August 1, 2016

"...But Most of All, I See Beautiful"

We have new soft-as-bunnies tees in our See Beautiful store, but that's not the big news. The big news, the beautiful news, is a story of beauty and vulnerability and strength by Sarah Naomi who's modeling this shirt. Sarah is a teacher (as are all our models). Sarah is full of grace and bravery and a love of lifting others up. It's fun to unveil new products for See Beautiful, but it's infinitely more beautiful to see how Sarah has seen beautiful:
"Like many young girls, I struggled with self esteem, self worth and self love throughout my adolescence. I've looked back at old journals from high school and see pages upon pages filled with things I hated about myself.
...A few weeks ago I was invited to model new merchandise for See Beautiful. I nervously joined, put on a brave face and tried my best. Tonight she sent me the photos and I don't see the little girl who hates everything about herself. Instead I see happiness. I see joy. But most of all, I‪ #‎SeeBeautiful‬."
~ Sarah
You can get your shirt here, but you can leave your love and join Sarah in this See Beautiful Community when you follow in her footsteps. That's way more important than the tshirt.


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