Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dare to See People

"Let's be people who dare to see people. We have the power to create more beautiful in the world by being ourselves and continually choosing to love." ~ Kim Biddle, Saving Innocence

What if we all chose love? All the time?

Plywood People, thank you for Plywood Presents. Thank you for Plywood Retreat. Thank you for your sound advice & mission to support organizations doing good. This Plywood Presents Conference did not disappoint, and it makes me think back to my first interaction with Plywood People. That meeting brought so many incredible Giving Initiatives to See Beautiful. That retreat opened the door to so many amazing friends who continue to inspire the See Beautiful Community, & myself, to grow stronger. How grateful I am to have connected with the most amazing people leading Kula ProjectForever We, Inc.Refuge Coffee Co., Glorious Orphanage, & Rachel Moye Iliadis Photography. Plywood People, thanks for choosing love - because you did, I got to love the amazing farmers & kids of Kula Project. A gift I'm forever grateful for.
Photo by Bobby Neptune.


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