Thursday, March 8, 2012

Greetings From Texas To Leave You Seeing Beautiful

Greetings From Texas, by Megan Silianoff

Megan makes us smile. She makes us laugh. Every time we visit her blog we leave giggling. We can't help it, she's that wicked awesome. She makes us see beautiful in the I-just-need-a-break-from-the-real-world-being-too-serious-with-itself moments. We love her for it! Her blog, Greetings from Texas, is serving up beautifully crafted wittiness, with a Texas-sized side of charm. Dessert is another helping of funny. We've featured Megan a couple times on See Beautiful here and here and we're honored to name her our See Beautiful's blog of the month. If you're in need of a well-written laugh today, just pop on over to Greetings From Texas. Megan is bound to leave you smiling.

Currently writing her memoir, Cancer With Charisma, Megan is cataloging her experiences with a 2010 diagnosis with ovarian cancer which resulted in "four surgeries and one prescription of vicodin that were instrumental to her current remission" (Silianoff, 2012).  This one's going straight to the NYTimes Bestseller list. We feel it!

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  1. It's so beautiful what you're doing and featuring this mom in Texas who is so deserving. I'll check out her site!

  2. ^^ LOVE Greetings from Texas! It's my favorite 2 minutes of my day! (And yes, she is a GREAT Mom to Booker!!) Lol! ;)


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