Thursday, August 9, 2012

Please Relax Here

Nestled in the beautiful, postcard-ready, Sound-of-Music-home-provider, Mozart-raising town of Salzburg was this message on a shower wall. Please relax here. And we did. And it was beautiful.

What message would you put on tiles in your shower as a reminder to see beautiful throughout the day. It's incredible how this message conveyed by the Hotel Auersberg really did invite us to take a few more breaths and start the day relaxed. Every time we walked into the bathroom we smiled and took a conscious mental note break to reflect on just relaxing.

Heading to Salzburg? We absolutely recommend Hotel Auersberg and their relaxing mantra.
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  1. I actually have the word Relax on my wall in my bathroom too. It's funny because every time I read it, I take a deep breath in and feel much more at peace. :-)

  2.  Love that! Maybe we need to do the same! Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy seeing beautiful!

  3. As you may know I do not take a shower each day.  More like once every couple months.  But I can tell you my MOM has the word "Breathe" on the bathroom mirror.  And as we walk out the back door there is a little wood sign that says "Exhale".  I admit I do not understand the need to breathe and exhale, I jsut do it naturally.  But it works for MOM.

  4. I meant to say to be told or reminded to breathe and exhale.  I do understand the need to do. 


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