Friday, October 12, 2012

Running For the Dogs to Chase Away K-9 Cancer

Logo used with permission and linked back to site.
Our See Beautiful's Featured Pet this month isn't actually a pet, but an amazing individual doing something amazing for all K9's and cancer research. After the devastating loss of his dog Zeke to cancer, Chris Laseter, set out on a mission. His mission is clear: eradicate K9 cancer. His task is beautiful: RUN 2,800 MILES from run from Atlanta, Georgia to Portland, Oregon, home of Chase Away Canine Cancer Organization. AMAZING!

Chris has chosen to run in honor, and in memory, of all those "best friends" across the country who were taken too early because of canine cancer, for those currently fighting the battle with cancer, and for those whose lives might be saved by further research.

Pay it forward. Visit Chris' site. Connect with him on Facebook. Show you support him and his mission to eliminate K9 cancer! Submit your own story and picture of your dog. Pictures will be posted on Chris' van traveling across the country with him.

Please, please pay it forward. This awareness and research is critical, as it can save lives and better instruct us on ways to treat cancer in humans - every member of our families deserves the best.

Running for the Dogs to Chase Away K9 Cancer on the WEB, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, YOU TUBE, DIRECT TO DONATION!
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  1. Four paws up for Chris!!

  2. Golden and Shepard hugs for Chris from Knoxville..... AND See Beautiful for supporting him and his cause, as Featured Pet (lover of pets) of the month.

  3. SUGAR: Golden WoofsOctober 12, 2012 at 8:26 AM

    Woof! Woof! Sending Lots of Golden Luck to Chris. Will definitely check his site and connect with him via FB. Happy {This Moment} See Beautiful. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. A wonderful choice to highlight! I am working on how I will honor the memory of my dog, K, who died from cancer 3 months ago. I'm not capable of running so far but I have other ideas! In some ways, she taught me a lot about "seeing beautiful". No matter what, she seized our days in the mountains, making me realize that each and every one was precious and beautiful.

  5. It was special for us to share this and know it would matter to you. We have wonderful friends who we're honoring through out donation to them too. Your sweet K is one of those dogs. Sending see beautiful thoughts your way.

  6. Thanks, Sugar! We know you'll love the important work he's doing. Happy seeing beautiful!

  7. So great you have a Featured Pet section in your blog, too. It's so great that you're always recognizing others...that in itself is beautiful. Chris is a great person to feature!

  8. thank you for including our 4 leg friends!


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