Thursday, June 30, 2011

TheHappy Dance

Can you dance? DO you dance? When no one is looking do you shimmy across your kitchen floor jamming out to your favorite tunes? Dancing, when people are or aren't looking can help you see beautiful.

Among many positive reasons to do the jitterbug or shopping cart, here are a few that resonated with us on the See Beautiful scale:  (1) It increases your lung capacity; (2) It raises our good cholesterol; (3) It improves memory; (4) It creates opportunities to socialize; (5) It breaks down cultural barriers; (6) It raises our endorphin levels, so we really do see more beautiful!

Alas, many millions have viewed (and re-viewed) the following video, but we think it's a testament to the dancer who most certainly sees beautiful through the evolution of dance. Perhaps you'll find yourself tap, tap, tapping along as you watch and next time you're twirling around your home or out on the town, remember all the benefits of dancing, maybe you'll be smiling as you glide across the floor. You know what others don't, so do the happy dance.


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