Friday, July 1, 2011

Let's Make It Official: See Beautiful™ has a HOME

Today, July 1st, See Beautiful™ officially launches our website:

Please, please come play on our website and check out the goodies we've included for you! Here's a sneak peak of what you'll find:

1. A snazzy, more in-depth overview about the mission behind See Beautiful™
2. The See Beautiful's for July!'ll just have to visit the link and see. 
3. Products!!!! Eco-friendly products, I might add. Included is information about where a portion of proceeds from every sale will be donated.
4. Girls and Women ONLY! ...again, we can't give too much away. You'll have to play. 
5. An "about us" section that makes us proud.

So, will you come play in the See Beautiful™ playground? We'd love to have you be the first. 
We also want to thank you for the overwhelming support you've shown in the past month. We are often humbled by the extreme outpouring of support by blog viewers around the world who agree with our mission and are uplifted by our posts. We're here to stay and look forward to sitting down every morning to help inspire-though it's you who does the inspiring. Thank you for being a part of the See Beautiful™ movement.

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  1. YES! See Beautiful has become such an inspiration to me and an important jump start to my day. Thank you for creating the site and sharing daily ideas to see beautiful here, on the blog. I'm looking forward to learning more about beautiful artists, authors, places, and women through your website too. Thanks for creating these two 'playgrounds' for us all!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts & helping others see beautiful too!