Saturday, August 6, 2011

Eating In Bed For LOVE

Just so you know, this isn't one of those, "Breakfast In Bed" stories, though we can see a lot of beauty in having breakfast delivered to bed. This story was shared by a mom who didn't find it that beautiful when she discovered food popping in her bed. 
"A day in my life....
Mom (YELLING...and ANGRY): WHO was eating popcorn in my bed?!!!!
Will: I did. I was cold and your bed is warm and it smells like you when your covers give me a hug.
Mom (walking away, smiling, comment to herself): Damn! He is good!"
Leave it to the wisdom of a child to help us understand what it means to eat in bed for love. Here are a few ways he helped us see beautiful: 1) Covers give hugs. 2) Beds offer warmth. 3) Beds smell like people we love. 4) Finding a comfortable place to eat makes food taste that much better. 5) Eating in bed can be filling in more ways than one. 
 As you crawl into bed tonight, perhaps you'll see beautiful in ways you never have. Let the covers give you a hug and carry you to sleep, feeling more love than this morning when you climbed out of the hug-giver. 
And for those days you find crumbs in your bed, instead of anger, feel the love. Who knew popcorn could help you see beautiful?
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  1. thats a wonderful story - and i like the picture you `ve made- i `ve saved it : )

  2. I like to learn to see beautiful everyday so I am following you.

    BTW - That kid is good about talking himself out of trouble. Children are the greatest teachers.

    Mila, your newest follower at

  3. Smooth, that Will is. That's a clever child to think about covers as warm hugs. I dig it.

  4. Will is so stinkin smart...and quick.
    I love this message because it helps me to remember what's really important in life...having an immaculate house is not one.

  5. LOVE IT.... esp. since we are a "Popcorn Family"...:)Will is one smart cookie...or should I say kernel.

  6. I adore this! The overall message is very touching.


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