Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hear Your Call

Celebrated as our See Beautiful™ Song of the Month, Hear Your Call, is nothing short of inspiring, empowering, beautiful, and giving all wrapped into four minutes and twenty-seven seconds. After reading the following, you'll understand why the words to the song carry so much meaning. 

Picture Sami Yusuf helps the world see more beautiful through his writing, singing, and commitment to improving the lives of many around the world. With every purchase of Hear Your Call, Sami Yusuf will donate proceeds to Save The Children in an effort to support an estimated 20 million people in who have been devastatingly affected by the continued flooding in Pakistan.  His own biography heeds the following, "Sami however, dismisses fame and glory. For him, his position as an artist is a sacred trust, a trust best honoured in serving humanity. He was relentless in assuming his responsibilities as the first, global ambassador of Silatech, a Qatar-based initiative promoting entrepreneurial skills and open access to capital and markets for large-scale job creation. His Live8 concert in Wembley Arena raised millions of pounds for the victims of the conflict-laden region of Darfur, praised by the British government in appreciation and recognition of the efforts. Sami took the initiative to work in close tandem with the UN sponsored charity, Save the Children, to help uplift morale of the victims of 2010 Pakistan floods by sending a message of hope and undying support through his charity single, Hear Your Call. The single became the mouthpiece of awareness campaigns led by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, BBC and the CNN. "

One of our favorite lines in this song, is "Give me your hand brother, I will not let you fall. So don't look back sister, cause I swear I hear your call." These beautiful lyrics invite listeners to see beautiful in the commitment of many to make the world a better place. It acknowledges our responsibility to make a difference in the world and see beyond ourselves, and that is beautiful.

The Hear Your Call Video:

To purchase a copy of his Charity Single, Hear Your Call, click HERE.
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