Wednesday, February 15, 2012

See Beautiful Grown-Up Book of the Month

We love sharing our See Beautiful's every month! Featuring goodies from children's books to flotation devices to pets, we are honored to bring opportunities to see beautiful to you. Enjoy our See Beautiful's Grown-Up book of the month (always featured on our website)!  

Love Your Naked Ass: 80 Gentle Ways to Transform Your Life, Restore Your Serenity & Rediscover Your Happiness by Kimberly Riggins

Some of you might remember that Kimberly Riggins was featured as our See Beautiful Woman of the month in January. Then, we talked about the ways Kimberly shares beautiful. We were honored to feature her because she shares so many opportunities for others to see beautiful. In her newest book, she stays true to her mission: empowering women. Through her honesty and expertise, she seeks to empower all women who have ever been uncomfortable in their own skin (ahem, most women?). Inviting women to bask in their beauty and own it in a manner that helps them grow, Kimberly Riggins sees, shares, embraces, and oozes beautiful.

The book is both inspirational and incredibly practical. We highlighted many passages to share with others and found ourselves needing a journal at hand to reflect and grow. This is a powerful book, one that will support you as you change the way you think about yourself while equipping you with encouragement to better support those around you with inspiration as well.

Additionally, there are so many practical and inspiring tidbits in the book that we were inspired to start a "See Beautiful in Yourself" day once a month. On this day we'll feature an excerpt from Love Your Naked Ass. We have no doubt it will leave you feeling inspired.

  • Visit Kimberly's website HERE and see how she is empowering many.


  1. There is nothing more important that loving where you are now.  We spend so much time waiting to be (good enough, thin enough, successful enough. blah, blag, blah) ready to love ourselves that if we're not careful, we'll miss all the fun.  Thank you, and Kimberly Riggins, not only for getting it, but sharing tit forward.
    Peace and good,

  2.  Thank you so much for this wonderful reflection and insight. You're absolutely right, time is wasted "waiting" or "wanting" when embracing the moment and being are so much more empowering. We've got to kick the blah, blah, blah to the curb! ;)  Happy seeing beautiful!

  3. Quite the fine young woman.   Her goal is to be applauded. Thank you for bringing her to us.


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