Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day

We constantly find ourselves surrounded by beauty - beauty from fellow bloggers, beauty from friends, family (furry family obviously included), beauty from nature, beauty from kindness, loving, sharing, giving, laughing, eating (yes, eating), caring, and so much more. Today really is a beautiful day to have a beautiful day. What will you do?
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  1. I came across this quote from Emily Dickinson today and, naturally, thought of See Beautiful . . . "Beauty is not caused.  It is."

  2. This is a beautful day indeed.  I can't really remember a day that was not.  Today I will go the Bert's place while MOM works, then I will help MOM mow the yard, tackle some sticks, get kisses and hugs and belly rubs in the freshly mowed lawn and take a lovely evening stroll.  As you can see I will be very busy with beautful today.

  3. AMEN to that... cooler day, light breeze, wonderful things to come today. IT is indeed, A Beautiful Day in this Neighborhood.

  4. Guess I was channeling you when I wrote..."Thank You Lord, that I was looking in the
    direction of Your Grace as You poured some out" this morning.  That's beautiful. 
    Thank you for the blessing.

  5. This is motivation to get off the computer and enjoy the day today. Thanks for always inspiring your readers!

  6. This is a great quote!  And today WAS a beautiful day!!


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