Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beauty In Humanity

When our non-profit, the Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence declared this month a time to "See Beautiful in our Youth" they reached out to youth themselves and asked them how beauty is defined. Novel idea, right? Go to the ones we see so much beauty in and ask them to define it. It's brilliant. There has been so much inspiration shared through their seeing and their writing this month. Brianna Carter, a young woman enrolled in their Early College High School Project, wrote the following poem to share how she sees beautiful. It's beautiful.

Beauty in Humanity

Striving for something more than material things
Leaving all hatred and arrogance beneath dreams
Starving for justice and change for all humankind  
Looking past the race and striving to cure the mind
Looking past differences and
Considering humanity as one
Beauty is the structure of success
Beauty is the humanist at heart and
Every individual’s core
Coming together as one and
Striving to change more  
Is the
Key Foundation of all building tress

Image submitted by Brianna Curtis

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  1. Love the last line, "Key Foundation of all building tress".


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