Tuesday, June 11, 2013

See Beautiful Artist of the Month: Christina Genth Smith

Christina Genth Smith
Creating beautiful, that's what Christina Genth Smith does.

She creates beautiful for others to enjoy through her paintings. Visit her on the web and we're sure that the first picture you see will leave you moved. Her work leaves you seeing beautiful in the best of ways. You can reflect in the images. You can smile in the kindness of her strokes. You can be moved to tears in the beauty of the thoughtfulness she pours into her art that is a gift in any home. Her love of life shines through her images. The warmth and beauty radiating from her paintings wraps its proverbial arms around you. It makes you feel at home.

She creates beautiful for children in the pages of children's books. Her illustrations can be described as whimsical meets stunning meets one-of-a-kind. They make children and adults both, smile.

Now, Christina herself is the artist many of us wish to be more like in life. Her spirit is beautiful and she has the ability to reflect that in her life's work. How amazing for all of us to embrace life with this tenacity, commitment and inspiration.

Christina is an artist at life and she's created a beautiful one. What's even more special is that she shares it with the world. It's is a gift for us all.

Visit her beautiful website HERE.
Connect with her on Facebook HERE.
Tweet with her HERE.

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  1. Christina sure captures
    beautiful... well beautifully. MOM and I enjoy looking through all her
    art on her web page.



  2. Lovely work! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts & helping others see beautiful too!