Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Sponge Lady Is Doing Her Part

We're starting a new category on the See Beautiful blog, Don't Call That Ordinary, where we'll spin "ordinary" items and show you how to find beautiful in them. We've done it with balls, birdhouses, 5ft tall chickens, and As Seen on TV items, but today we introduce a new item: Sponges. From today, on, you may never look at sponges the same way again.This needs little introduction, as we're hoping the video itself helps you see beautiful by adding a little laughter to your day. See Beautifulers, meet The Crazy Sponge Lady:

 Next time you pick one up to scrub the dishes, you can smile thinking the following things:

1."The Army Arts & Crafts Department sent me to Korea." Huh? We didn't realize the Army had an Arts & Crafts Department.
2. "Three sizes, because I can't stand just one size." Oh, dear.
3. Squeezing Sponges="No flab on these arms" ...must squeeze sponges. 
4. "I want you to look at all of those wiggles! Oh my gosh! I love to wiggle!"  We can't stop wiggling.
5. There are so many different surfaces you can "sponge on." We had NO idea! Can we wiggle there too?
6. "And now we zigzag."
7. And just when you think you can't scrub one more dish, just think about the Sponge Lady, her excitable insomnia, and laugh to yourself saying, "Oh, it is so hard to stop."

Here's hoping we've revolutionized the way think of sponges. Happy sponging!


  1. Can't wait to get LOTS of sponges.... :)

  2. I'll never look at a sponge the same way :-)

  3. I've always been a "rag" person, but, now I think I'll purchase some sponges.

  4. how beautiful the world would be
    if the Army had an atr&crafts department : )


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